5 Tips For Creating An Effective Real Estate Listing

Calvin Curry

Most real estate listing presentations are boring, ineffective, or even worse horrible at converting prospects into listings. Here are 5 tips that you can use to create an effective listing presentation that will get you listings…

1. Keep your sales presentation fast paced and interesting. This will help keep your prospects’ attention and avoid them getting bored. If your prospect is not focused or listening to what you have to say, you most likely won’t get the listing, right? You must keep their attention.

2. Make your presentation easy to follow and understand. Remember your listing presentation is there to help you. It’s NOT supposed to be your sales presentation. Keep the slides to the point and don’t clutter them up with every word you want to say.

A good rule of thumb that has worked for me is to have one new bullet point come up every 15-20 seconds and try to put only 3-4 bullet points on each slide. This way your prospects don’t skip ahead of you and you can keep them focused and interested in what you are saying.

3. Use lots of pictures to illustrate your points throughout your listing presentation. The reason for this is because people remember only 20% of what they hear or 30% of what they see. But they remember 50% when they both see and hear what you’re presenting. Do your best to have a picture that helps tell your story on every slide of your real estate listing presentation.

4. Build in stories that help prove your points. Everyone loves a good story. Plus it’s one of the best ways to engage your prospects in what you are saying. I use stories to help overcome objections, prove my point, or demonstrate why the prospect should do something I feel is better than what the majority of the competition may be telling them.

For example I use a few sales analogies to get sellers to pay a higher commission by building a story around “what home would you be the most motivated to sell if you where a Realtor and one listing offered a 6% commission and another one offered a 7% commission?”

5. Make your real estate listing presentation about your prospect and NOT about you. Remember you are there to help your prospect sell their home. Showing them how you can help them, rather than just being another agent who beats their chest and explains how great you are, will really help you separate yourself from the competition. Plus it will prove that you are looking out for the best interest of your seller and not yourself.

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