Who You Hang Out With Matters

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Yes, it DOES Make a difference! It’s a law of physics that “what you focus on expands”. If you surround yourself negative people and bad news that gives you more evidence of how tough it is, you’ll be more inclined to buy into excuses for your own poor results. To attract and create more to be positive, happy and grateful about … your thinking and positive emotional state are the best tools you have to start with. Is it time to upgrade your Rolodex and your experiences? Have you outgrown some of the people you hang out with? Or do the folks you spend time with each day inspire and encourage you?

In 2016, I am personally passionate about what I am calling Social Partnering™. Social Partnering™ is a plan of action to connect and collaborate with others who are interested in the same client that fits your perfect client profile!

From the expansion of your strategic partners to participation with positive people or mastermind groups, there is an opportunity for the average agent to excel and for the extraordinary agent to soar this year. With social media tools and Web 2.0, your ability to reach out and use your good relationship social capital to enhance the value you bring to clients and customers expands in miraculous ways. That doesn’t mean you won’t bring the online offline-in fact, that’s the point! A powerful combination of expanding your previous reach and adding the new is going to bring happiness to those who master this skill. Your relationships then bring value to you and to those you connect with! And, I know many of you are very, very good at relationships…so you already are a leg up here!

And, this is really where it all starts. You know that your attitude is so important to your success and who you surround yourself with can make it easier or harder, right. Which do you want this year: easy or hard?

Jack Canfield, the author and motivational speaker, shared his personal story. He had become very successful, using the principles he learned from Clement Stone and the teachings of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, (this book is available free here). He had grown his yearly income to $1,000,000 and it was stable and steady there. He had set, however, a goal of $10,000,000 but his income stayed stuck at $1M. As he ruminated about why he was stuck, he was what the average income was of those in his mastermind group. This was his “ah ha” moment as he realized they were all making $1M too! Now, not a bad a group….most of us could benefit from hanging out these people, however they were not a fit for his expanded dreams.

Have you expanded your dreams and not matched new partners, friends and supporters to those NEW visions? Or have you given up and become resigned that you can have what you really want because of some outside influences, like the economy or some other personal excuse? There WERE people having their very best year ever last year! Were you in that group? If you, hooray for you! If not, now is the time to decide what you really want in 2011. Old strategies will not get you there. It’s a brave, new world. And one filled with opportunity! How amazingly fortunate we are to be living here in the United States with so many freedoms to create our lives.

Here are some other actions that will help:

Limit your exposure to the media and the “bad” news

Add some daily inspiring messages to your life.

Make a list of your 5 closest friends-do they reflect and support your dreams?

Find one or two new friends to hang out with some more that are inspiring

Buddy with someone who is as inspiring and committed as you want to be and become accountability partners

Form or join a mastermind group and meet regularly to support each other

Begin and end each day counting your blessings!

Put yourself in a place this year where you get the support and encouragement you need to stay focused, aligned and productive.

For 2016, take in less negative input and find the good in every day. I promise you it will feel good. This may sound simple, and it is. The best actions usually are. And, it is much easier if the people around you are aligned with the same thinking.

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