This Simple Tip Generated 14 Transactions in Just Three Months

Joe Stumpf

Sometimes the simplest thing can bring you the most amazing results.

I’m going to share with you a quick story about a real estate agent who did just one simple thing – and in three months it brought her 14 transactions and $40,000 in commissions for a cost of about $12.

For the past two years Nora Manka, from Tucson, Arizona, has been mailing a monthly newsletter to her past clients, friends, family members, and others in her database. Then a few months ago she had an inspiration:

“I added a handwritten note in my last two newsletters telling folks about the new programs for buyers in my area. I sold five homes off one newsletter with the handwritten note enclosed. It made my phone ring off the hook!”

I followed up with Nora, and here’s what I learned. Nora takes a plain piece of 8½ x 11 paper and handwrites a note of four or five sentences, followed by “Sincerely, Nora.” Her topics have included a program where the government was helping with down payments; the tax credit extension for move-up buyers; and an invitation to call if they were curious to learn what their house was worth.

She folds the note in quarters, puts it on top of the front page of her newsletter, then she folds her newsletter in half and put seals on it so the note won’t fall out until the recipients open the newsletter.

Nora had mailed her third newsletter with the handwritten note, and so far those three notes have brought her about 30 calls referring her to friends and family – new clients she hadn’t helped before. In three months Nora has closed 14 transactions for $40,000 in commissions.

“People really pay attention to that handwritten message,” says Nora. “It’s been ridiculously good.”

Now, how simple is this idea? How easy to implement, how inexpensive.

And – how effective.

Let’s say Nora mails 200 newsletters each month. What would it cost to add this note to her newsletter?

Five minutes to write the note + 10 minutes to copy and fold 200 copies + 200 sheets of paper @ 2 cents per sheet = 15 minutes and $4.

Nora has sent three notes, so let’s multiply by three = 45 minutes and $12. This tiny investment brought her 14 transactions for $40,000 in commissions in 90 days.

When was the last time you spent 45 minutes, $12, and earned $40,000?

If you’re using a monthly mailing to stay in touch with past clients and others in your database – and I hope you are – I strongly recommend you follow Nora’s lead and implement this easy, inexpensive strategy.

Sometimes the simplest thing can bring you the most amazing results.

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