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Reasons to Hire a Knoxville Home Inspector

A home inspection is an evaluation of the visible and accessible systems and components of a home such as the plumbing system, electrical system, roof, etc. Most importantly, a home inspection can usually detect any structural problems with a house. Structural concerns include the foundation, exterior wall system, interior load bearing walls, floor system and roof system. Problems with any of these items can result in substantial repair costs.

The inspection report can also be valuable to a seller. If a homeowner chooses to have an inspection performed before the house is listed, the seller will have a “heads up” on any flaws in the home. By electing to fix some or all of the defects, the homeowner effectively eliminates problems that otherwise will become an issue for the new buyer prior to closing. Most times, the seller will get things repaired or replaced at a cost much lower than when the buyer looks for repair credits before the closing.

Knoxville Home inspections are just as important for real estate investors who buy houses to sell in “as-is” condition. Even though many investors can see most of the problems that need repair, they tend to overlook some of the issues and often don’t calculate the additional cost in the estimate. A favorable inspection report can give added comfort that you are not buying your next nightmare!

I suggest investors (as well as any seller) get a home inspection report as it will help identify the issues that need to be addressed. The investor can use the report to inform the contractor of items that need to be replaced or repaired. It’s the little (and sometimes the not so little) things that investors miss or overlook that can add up and also delay a closing. Some problems include: grading and drainage issues or downspouts not properly angled away from the foundation causing water penetration into the house, missing fascia boards (boards nailed across the ends of roof rafters at the eaves) and missing or damaged eaves and soffits. Also, don’t forget the plumbing, water heater, appliance vents, water pressure, electrical capacity, etc.

A home inspection report is a fairly comprehensive diagnostic test on the home that helps identify the problems you are not trained to find. It’s best to know about any defects and repair/replacement issues BEFORE you buy or put the house up for sale.

Whenever the word “safety” or “hazard” comes up in a home inspection report, everyone’s antenna goes up! Having the report and repairing the necessary items before the buyers get a home inspection will drastically reduce the amount of problems noted on the buyer’s home inspection report.

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